Our glass products include toughened, laminated, acoustic glass, heat strengthened and double-glazed units. To comply with the Australian Standards, all our glass is cut in accordance with AS4667; toughened glass is processed in accordance with AS2208; insulated glass units in accordance with AS4666.

Our energy efficiency glass is becoming more and more in demand. The primary characteristic of our energy efficient glass is a special coating in the glass to insulate heat from penetrating into a building and assist in maintaining indoor temperatures. This saves a considerable amount of energy. It also has excellent light transmission and its thermal properties are designed to insulate heat into the building which result in reduced cooling costs.

We provide glass for cyclonic areas as well and our toughened laminate glass contains specialised structural interlayers to achieve the extreme glass strength required for cyclonic regions that are successful compliant testing to AS2047.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products and service to meet the various requirements of our customers.

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